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PLANTIS is highly experienced Italian producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables, supplying clients worldwide, providing a year-round fresh choice from all italian regions.
Situated in South Italy, it's exceptional weather and soil conditions are ideal for growing fruits and vegetables recognised all around the world for their quality, flavour and size.
Specializing on the quality and differenciation of the offer, adopting modern techniques in all production areas with specific protocols at internationl levels. This allows us to come out with consistent, fully traceable quality products made in Italy, delivered to our clients by our own logistic center.
Plantis aims to be realible partner to our clients and associated growers with whom we developed long-lasting relationships with purpose of meeting the responsible consumer needs.


For consumers and distributors, the Global Gap certificate is a guarantee that food meets established standard of quality and safety and has been prepared folowing sustainability criteria, complying with safety, health and welfare standards of workers and enviroment. That is why we offer to our clients product certified by Global Gap from our growers.

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The philosophy of organic food production maintains certain principles : biodiversity, ecological balance, sustainability, natural fertilization and soil integrity. Organic product is traceable from the field to the fork because at every stage of its jurney it is inspected and certified. This ensures the integrity of any product marked as organic.

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